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I watched the movie called "A Beautiful Mind". The movie is all about this guy called John Nash. John Nash was known as a really smart mathematician. But he was greatly affected with some kind of a illness. This kind of illness is considered a mental disease. It also greatly affected his career at the time. John Nash had developed schizophrenia, which people define as split mind or the splitting of the mind. When you have schizophrenia, it's caused by unpredictable things distracting a person. Now it's one of the most common mental disorder people develop. There has also been research found that men develop schizophrenia more earlier than women do. It usually occurs when you are in the teens or 20's. A lot of times it makes a certain person feeling very emotional and some feeling the disability of doing things. But on the other side some don't feel any emotion.

Schizophrenia has been a uncurable disease meaning there's nothing doctors can do to stop it. But there is treatment to help someone who has schizophrenia and relieving them. One type of treatment is known as drug therapy or any other medical treatment. This movie is about John Hash who has schizophrenia. He still tries to live his life regularly, which is a major difficulty.

As you are watching the movie and following along you will notice John Nash attends college. He is a freshman who goes to Princeton University. John Nash later wants to be away from his classmates and tries to develop his own idea. Later after college John gets a job working at Wheeler. This is near the MIT college campus. John works as a professor teaching a class. Then later John meets this lady Alicia. John and Alicia dated for a little...