A beautiful taste of life?

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In this brief but concrete piece of writing, you will see how life change when my father past away and I had to move to England for a few years. My father died on December the 6th of 1999, he got brutally shot by some senseless, heartless thieves and died in the same moment. I had to move to England while the constant aggression in Colombia settled down a little bit. I had to grow up as fast as I could and start living without a image to follow, with responsibility, two brother behind and a mother to take care of and give support.

When I left Colombia , I left my friends, my life , my family and the most valuable of everything "my memories2 , the only image on a strange country that had another and unknown culture for me. I started exploring my new habitat, and knowing all around.

I met a girl before starting on m new school, I felt for the first time on my life a little taste of what love is about.

I started school two weeks after I arrived , by then I knew nearly every inch of my town and had a lot of mates(friends) to hang around with.

Time flew away and I was living fine, one year and a half have past, and I had grown a lot, got new experiences, saw the life of drugs and did not fall in it, I knew what life is and what acts I have to do to has the glorious taste of happy life.

In conclusion you can easily analyze that this brief description of my life at England is very different from others, and how the aggression in countries, the lost of the father could easily change anyone's life, and...