Beautiful women turn lives of men upside down. Comparison between Candide and Crash Test Dummies

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From the beginning of romance, man has been fascinated by women to the point where their beauty eclipses all rational thought. Lust and desire replace his normal routine and his new love becomes the world and stars. This moonstruck trace has been the source of several humorous essays and few have done it as cleverly as Voltaire in Candide. Throughout the novel, Candide's warped perception of true love leads him to believe that marriage to Cunegund could be more perfect than heaven itself. Modern day Rock groups, specifically the Crash Test Dummies, have adopted Voltaire's dry wit and continue to expose man's weakness for women by singing lyrics about how men behave once they find a gorgeous woman.

Men have been fascinated with the beauty of women for quite some time. Candide and the men portrayed in the songs of the Crash Test Dummies are so wrapped up in the women they are with that reality almost seems strange and unimportant to them.

Often thoughts of this nature come to mind, 'When I'm sampling from your bosom sometimes I suffer from distractions like why does God cause things like tornadoes and train wrecks (Crash Test Dummies, 'Swimming in your ocean')?' Men focus their entire life on finding and being with gorgeous women they have chosen. Candide is willing to give up all his wealth to acquire a beautiful woman and it does not seem to matter if he 'lost a hundred

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sheep,' since he is 'now going to fly to the arms of [his] charming Miss Cunegund (Voltaire, Candide p.73).' Candide is powerless when it concerns his mistress Cunegund. He is 'with the greatest submission, prepared to obey the commands of his fair mistress; and though he [is] still filled with...