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In any grocery store, convenient stand, pharmacy etc. displayed for all consumers to see, are stacks of brightly colored magazines. All of these having different themes such as wedding magazines, cooking and home making magazines, wine and dining magazines and of course, last but not least, the fashion magazine. Inside any one of these one can read about anything from beauty tips, to diets and even fool proof pointers on how to attract members of the opposite sex. Each page is filled with articles, quizzes, and adds presenting to the reader the chic, classy or trendy way to live. Most of America's females buy these magazines, but why? Should a magazine be the influence of how a woman should dress, act and feel? Does the information in these magazines truly show the reader all of these things, or is it just another scam for the fashion world to create an image that insecure women everywhere will strive to become?

Upon examining the front cover of the October issue of "Cosmopolitan," one of the most popular fashion magazines for women, one can infer a lot about our culture and values.

The first thing a woman notices when picking up the magazine is that there is a beautiful blonde bombshell featured in the middle of all the blurbs of articles displayed. Immediately, one thinks, "could I ever look like that?" It becomes one of the reasons why the magazine is purchased. The bright colors, clever fonts and sizes of the titles of the articles entice the reader to want to buy the magazine. The cover of Cosmo reads in bold white print, "Touch Him This Way." Underneath this is a checklist of what the article has in store for the reader; similar to a prevue of a movie. The title of...