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Michael Ilyadzhanov

Writing 1: Beauty Myth

Beauty is defined as the quality present in an inanimate object or person that gives intense pleasure or deep satisfaction to the mind, whether arising from a pattern or design or sensory manifestations. According to chapter 1 of The Beauty Myth, written by Naomi Wolf, she states that in modern day society, women are pressured in living up to certain harsh standards of physical beauty. Many of today's modern women believe that cosmetic surgery is their ticket to beauty or awful dieting habits is the best way to get that great body, but many don't have true beauty. Beauty to me isn't based solely on the outside physical aspect of a person, true beauty is inside one another and is the highest standard that should be set.

Women are very important in todays society in almost about everything that goes on in every day functions such as, becoming politicians, or corporate America leaders in the business world.

Todays standards of freedom are set very high for all races, ethnicities, genders and the world can either be in the palm of your hand or you can be a tiny speck in humanity and be forgotten easily. All women have something in common and that is the understanding of the meaning of beauty. Beauty is perceived in many altering ways by women's perspectives. Some believe it is the most important thing in this world, others believe it to be a part time job, some even believe that what they feel and have inside is the best aspect of life. Having a great personality is what it should solely rely on in this day and time. To me this is the most important aspect because it really shows you the true beauty of a person...