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Lorca's use of language in Blood Wedding is very poetic. He uses lots of metaphors and moves from Prose to Verse within the play. In Blood Wedding, poetry and drama seem to become one as characters talk to each other in verse form. But verse is only used in the play at a heightened dramatic point or to help create tension. For example, when Leonardo and the Bride are talking to each other in the middle of the forest, they speak in verse form.

"I must be mad! I do not want To share your bed or food, But every minute of the day I long to be with you," I think Lorca does this because it adds to the romantic side of the play and emphasises how they feel about each other. They also speak to each other in metaphorical terms, as do some of the other characters when they are speaking.

The bride says to Leonardo, "And helplessly I follow you A straw blown on the wind" She describes herself as a straw blown on the wind which means she can't help following Leonardo just like the wind is too overpowering for the straw. I like the way Lorca uses metaphors in this play. They emphasise points or peoples feelings and they add to Lorca's idea of poetic drama.

Lorca was also interested in music and rhythm within his theatre and this is apparent in Blood Wedding. When the mother-in-law is singing to the child to go to sleep, it is very rhythmic and stylised.

Lorca also uses repetition a lot to emphasise something. For example, the mother has a great hate towards weapons such as knives and guns, obviously as she has lost her son and husband. So to accentuate the idea of her hate for these things she is always talking about it.

"The knife! The knife!" "No we can't be done with it!" Lorca's use of surrealism and imagery gives the play a slightly magical tone which I like. He does this well in the forest scene when the moon comes out and starts talking.

The moon and the Beggar woman are very symbolic. I think that Lorca wanted them to symbolise death, and the whole idea of it. The moon wanted to shine it's light all over the forest to find Leonardo and the Bride so they could be killed. There is a great sense of evil surrounding the moon and the Beggar woman.

The woodcutters talk to the moon and they say, "O evil moon! Leave the dark bough for their love!" This paper is the property of NetEssays.Net Copyright © 1999-2002