Because of Winn Dixie

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Because of Winn Dixie Film Review:

Yes, I enjoy watching the film very much. It is because It is funny without being too silly, and it has some very good moral for us to learn.

Yes, my favorite character is Winn Dixie the dog because it is cute and it stays with Opal when she is lonely, it makes Opal not alone and is happy. I think it is a good and nice dog. Although I fear dogs but Winn Dixie is thoughtful and doesn't make me think scared.

No one in the film I dislike, I think all the characters in the film are good.

No, I don't think any character of the film identify with me.

Yes, the film means something to me. It is: "You can't always change a bad past but you can make the present life better." Opal's mother left Opal and Opal's father. This make Opal's father very unhappy and always just can be a good preacher but cannot be a good father.

But Winn Dixie's appear make he thinks clearly and at last Opal's father become a good father too.

Yes, I think the music of the movie is match with the story.

Yes, I will recommend this film to my friends, because I think the movie is suitable for many people and I think the movie is great. So I will recommend to my friends.

~The End~

Because Of Winn Dixie book review:

I watch a book called "Because Of Winn Dixie" during the summer holiday. The author of the book is Kate DiCamillo. The book is talked about a 10 years old girl called Opal moved to a small town in Florida because her father was a preacher. Opal lost all her friends and all things start over...