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Throughout the play, "Becket," the main character Becket's heritage had never-ending battles between the Norman's and his kind, the Saxons. In England, Saxons were not trusted or accepted by English people. If you were a Saxon, it was hard for you to get around without any difficulty. Becket ended up becoming the Kings friend. People were wondering what the king was doing with a Saxon in his chambers. As far as Becket was concerned, he had no control over the king's decision. All he knew was that he was the king's servant. In this quote, Becket seems to dealing with an inner struggle. He is a Saxon working for the King in a high rank job.

"My prince ... If you were my true prince, if you were one of my race, how simple everything would be. How tenderly I would love you, my prince, in an ordered world.

Each of us bound in fealty to the order, head, heart and limbs, with no further questions to ask of oneself, ever." (Page 36)

In the second act the Barons just down talk Becket. The Norman's believe that Becket is nothing more than a regular Saxon.

"(2nd) Baron-Why couldn't you say so them? That we'd have understood. You're entitled not like him. I don't like him either, come to that. To begin with, he's Saxon."

"(1st) Baron-To begin with!"

"(3rd) Baron-One thing you can't say though. You can't say he isn't a fighter. Yesterday when the king was in the thick of it, after his squire was killed, cut his way right through the French, and he seized the King's banner and drew the enemy off and onto himself."

"(1st) Baron- All right! He's a good fighter."

"(3rd) Baron- Isn't he...