How to Become a Better Baseball Player (This paper describes things that a baseball player must do in order themselves better)

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How do you define a good baseball player? Is he the one who practices with the team, but does nothing when he is at home watching television? Is he the one who thinks he is at his best performance and does not try to make himself better? No is the answer to these two questions. A good baseball player is one who works hard every practice and tries to get better. A good baseball player works even when he is not practicing or playing. The three fundamentals that any player needs to work on to become a good player are hitting, fielding, and throwing. By working on these three fundamentals then any average player can become an even better player. When colleges and professional teams begin looking at a prospect, they look to see if the player they are scouting does these three things well.

The first fundamental of becoming a good player is, throwing.

This is probably the most important fundamental of the three skills because if a player cannot throw, then he does not need to be playing. If a player works hard enough at throwing mechanics, then he will be able to throw a baseball with a high velocity. He may even turn out to be a pitcher. Any player who wants to play at the next level, whether little league, middle school, high school, college, or even the majors, needs to work on throwing so he can have a better chance at making the team. Professional players work hard in the off-season at building up arm strength, so if a player wants to build up his arm strength to throw harder then he should start working out.

The next fundamental that can produce a good player is fielding. To become a good fielder, one must...