How to Become the Perfect Wife

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Introduction: Most of us are married to the perfect man--- oh wait--- never mind--- ha--- we?re 16 and we?re not married and us ladies probably won?t marry the perfect man--- so what?s gotta happen? We have to become ?perfect wives.? And, it actually isn?t that hard either! Today I?m going to show you ways to become the perfect wife. We?ll look at the Do?s, Don?ts, and what to do when your not so perfect husband gets home. Oh, and for you male listeners out there, I hope you agree with what I have to say today.

Do?s: First off, prepare yourself! Take 15 minutes to rest so you will be refreshed when he gets home from work. When you awaken, touch up your makeup, put a pretty little bow in your hair, and breathe calmly. This will also make you happy to see him instead of too tired to care.

Take off your grumpy or sad face from the day on put on your happy one when he comes home.

Secondly, prepare the children, if you have any of course. Take just a few minutes to wash their hands and faces, if they can?t do it alone of course. Make sure they comb their hair and if they?re wearing dirty clothes, a quick change would do them good. This should surely give your husband a better attitude towards the way everyone looks.

Third, always plan ahead! Possibly even the night before, just so you know you have a scrumptious meal on time. This way he thinks you are concerned for him, or that you actually care about his needs. Most males are hungry when they come home, or get up, or go to bed, or do anything at all, so having a good meal prepared is going to be a definite plus on his Perfect wife checklist.

And the last and of course most important thing to do when your hubby gets home, is to be happy to see him. Pretend that you?re actually happy; this will surely help you on your acting skills. When he walks thru that door, meet him there, with a warm smile and some kind words like, ?Oh darling, it?s so grand that you?re finally home!? or ?Yay, you?re home early tonight, more loving time to spend with you!? Surely this will make his day two hundred times better.

Don?ts: There are many don?ts in a relationship in general, but these concern him coming home. So when he arrives, don?t greet him with your problems or complaints. Try hard to solve these trials of yours before he gets home and if you still have the problem, tell him about it later.

Next, don?t complain if he?s home a little late for dinner. Think of it as a small problem compared to your acting lessons earlier today. Those were the worst!! Last, don?t let the kids rush to him at the door; he could have had a bad day and a sore back from the bowling tournament last night. Two little ones running to jump on that sore back isn?t going to make his day any better.

When he?s finally home: Make him comfortable and make sure the evening is all his. After dinner, have him sit in his favorite chair, or lie down on the couch, if he prefers it. Offer to do things for him, like a neck massage or to occupy the youngins while he unwinds for the day. This should relax and prepare him for the problems you held back to tell him at dinner. Try to agree with him in all aspects and if he is a little ignorant for the night, don?t argue with him, and just think tomorrow will be better! Conclusion: The goal of the day is done. Doing these things just help him want to be with you more than anyone else in the world. Again, none of us are married, but by going through the Do?s, Don?ts, and the things to make the night his, we can all have the great relationship we?ve always wanted, minus the perfect man. Remember that it isn?t hard to become that perfect wife. All you need is an acting teacher and a lot of yoga classes for all the stress you?ll probably build up by supporting his every emotional need, physical, intellectual, and social wants, his whine, call, whimper, sob, cry and all of his wishes to be granted.