How to become an A Student

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To be an A student you need to learn some successful tips that will make it possible to attain a high grade.

Do you struggle in school? Study extremely hard before a test, but then bomb it? Well, a bad approach to test taking might be your problem.

Develop a morning routine. Eat breakfast, and try to get good nights sleep. Your breakfast should include at least one serving of each food group except sweets, and maybe vegetables. Make sure all materials needed for class are already in your backpack.

Having an evening routine that allows time for studying and playing will allow you to become closer to success. Study notes that have been taken during the day. Try to re-read each fact about 3 times to make sure that fact is memorized. During the middle of studying, take breaks when you are switching subjects. A five-minute break should have you feel refreshed and ready to memorize those notes.

After fifteen or so minutes of uninterrupted studying, go enjoy yourself, play a video game, ride a bike, or have a friend over. Facts show, that kids who study and then play have better grades than those who play then study.

Always be prepared. Be ready for class, Pencils sharpened, paper on desk, and all materials ready plenty of time before a class. Remember to take and study your notes.

When you are in a class, always pay attention to the teacher. When reading, take a note or two per page and try to summarize each section, in one or two sentences. During a filmstrip, try to jot down at least five important facts. In math, always show your work and draw the diagram, remember if your work is on the paper there is no argument about if you did...