How to become a successful creative writer

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So You Want To Be A Creative Writer

For one thing, you need to generally be a good writer. It's not that hard: you just really need to think deep and concentrate on every sentence, every word. You don't have to be a college graduate from Harvard. Once you've proved that you're a good writer, you'll get plenty of documents in. You must have, as not that many writers have, the self-discipline to put out that certain amount of time from their schedules. Some people have plenty of self-discipline, but can never seem to think up a good plot or conflict. Some people simply don't care much for writing. It takes extreme grammar and spelling experts. You don't have to be an A average student in English personally, I get by with an 85 average but you do have to pay attention in class and understand the meaning of it.

Although grammar isn't exactly the most fun subject, you should still concentrate on it.

Another thing that I have learned, however, is that every good writer reads a lot. It was suggested by such famous authors as Stephen King and Agatha Christie. On hot, summer days, how refreshing it is to lay in the shade of a tree sipping cool lemonade and reading a suspenseful novel. Sci-fi, adventure, romance, horror, fantasy, mystery... any genre that you like reading the most is suitable for you. No one is better than the other. Also, try to choose something that you'll get interested in and comfortable. If you read fifty pages of one book and you decide you don't like it, go ahead and stop reading it. That's one thing you can't have in school. The teachers choose the book that you're going to read in class, whether you like the book or...