Becoming A Nurse

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Within the past few years there has been a great demand for nurses in nursing homes, hospitals, adn in physician offices. Nursing is a very demanding job, and it takes an extremely special person to become a nurse. The process fo becoming a nurse is long and difficult, but in the end is very rewarding.

The first thing to do in the long process of becoming a nurse is to select a college to attend. Do you want to attend a community college or a state university? A community college, in comparison to a state university, is much more effective because the classes are smaller adn the teacher has time to work one-on-one with the students. Another advantage of a community college is that you will most likely only have a two-or-three-year program ahead of you instead of a three-or-four-year program.

Next, you will need to decide on what type of degree you want.

Do you want to become a licensed practical nurse, LPN, or a registered nurse, RN? If your choice is becoming a LPN, then you will attend college for two years, one year of your basic courses and one year of the LPN program. If becoming a RN is what you want, then plan on attending school for three years, one year of basics and two years of the RN program.

Finally, you need to start looking for a job. As a LPN, you can look for employment in nursing homes, home health care, and also in doctors' offices. Graduates of the RN program have many more employment choices. They can find employment in hospitals, home health agencies, doctors' offices, and also in various clinics. You can search for job openings in newspapers. If you are looking in newspapers and you find a...