Becoming one with nature

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The sun, strikes the naked eye, blinds, makes me squint, yet insulates from the chilly fall breeze. I continue walking until I enter the woods, immediately comforting the eyes. I see a large maple tree, looking like a fatherly figure to the surroundings. I decide to sit and rest under this accepting tree. The cold breeze forces goose bumps upon the skin, teeth to clatter, and my body to shiver. The pleasant noise of the rustling leaves is overpowered by the loud and repulsive noise of my teeth clattering. I look straight up, towards the sky and see only bright fiery red maple leaves. The tree, unlike me, seems to be well suited for the cold breeze that has arrived. Though the scarlet red leaves warm me up mentally, I continue to shiver. I look out into the distance to see a tree standing all alone and naked, stripped of its leaves by the strong and violent winds.

This image comforts me even though it comes across is very negative. I stop shivering thinking of the condition the tree is in compared to mine. This is the irony of nature, during the summer months when it is very warm, the trees are fully dressed and during the cold fall and winter months the trees are forcefully stripped naked.

I hear a rushing stream in the near vicinity. I don't see it so I close my eyes and just listen. I listen carefully, and I hear birds, woodpeckers, and a screech owl in the distance. Along with the sound of the pond they unknowingly collaborate to make beautiful music. I keep my eyes closed for another moment hoping to get more out of the pleasing sounds of nature. The sound of the stream overpowers the aforementioned sounds. I open my eyes...