Becton Dickinson Case

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Main Problem

Certainly the main problem of Becton Dickinson is that going into a transnational business evolves many upsets among the managerial force, from all different levels of the organization and also all around the globe.

Another very big issue is like since most of the revenues were earned in the local U.S. market, this local market has a priority than its other business in Europe, Asia and Latin America; local managers in foreign nations where frustrated because they did not get enough resources to satisfy its local market, and at the same time the headquarters wanted more profits and get more market share to their other locations.

Company's situation

Becton Dickinson Company a medical manufacturing company, with operations worldwide, and revenues of over $2 billion dollars, almost half of it from outside the U.S. B.D. is a supplier of two main product lines of clinical products, divided in medical and diagnostic.

The U.S. domestic production was starting to give way to international sales, making necessary a European division, which in the 1980's the company, was divided by local business divisions centralized with decisions made in the U.S. focusing production mainly in the U.S. market needs, given the remains to other divisions like Europe and Asia.


An excellent recommendation is that the company should take more in consideration of create a new environment of cooperation among colleges from all over the world, the firm should mold their employees conduct to improve creativity, in that way erase the feeling of ignored that prevail among the workers outside the U.S. It is also important to have more strictly supervision of the H.R. department, it needs to pay more attention to scouting and job evaluation in management.

Remake the systems are a big deal to face the product needs, it...