A Bedroom to Remember!

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During the summer of 2004, my best friend, Amanda was forced to leave Houston and move to Englewood, Colorado. Amanda became extremely upset because she did not want to leave her friends. Amanda and I were very close friends from seventh grade through ninth grade. We were just like twin sisters, if you saw one of us, the other one was right behind. At first, the transition was terrible for both of us. We appeared to be sister-less in two different states. The family had moved several times before I visited.

During the hot, humid summer of 2005, I pleaded with my mother to let me go to Englewood, Colorado and visited with Amanda. My mother agreed to my going to Colorado. I hurried and packed my luggage. The next day I left on a Greyhound Bus heading for Denver; it was a twenty-two hour long drive. I did not care I just wanted to visit Amanda.

I met plenty people on the bus in the process of seeing my best friend. When I got to Denver I called her and she said, “Get off at the stop in Englewood.” I did as she said since I had never been there before. She picked me up and brought me to the house she was living in. When I reached her house, I ran and hugged her mother who is of Creole and African-American race. She has a tan complexion with brown hair and has a short statue.

The house that they were living in at the time was unlike any ordinary house. There was a house in front of a house in which her mother and older brother, Brandon, lived in. I loved his charismatic personality and his intellect. He was about five feet and six inches with...