The Bee Eater: talkes about human awareness of God.

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Early humans progressed in their awareness of a higher being or a god over a period of time. This was shown in the story, "The Bee Eater", through the people, specifically through Ur, as he has different experiences where he encounters a higher being, and gradually realizes this. The first encounter is the pebble in the well, the second is the storm, and the third is the death of Ur's son-in-law. These are all experiences that Ur goes through to bring him to a primitive but slowly developing awareness of a higher being.

The first time that Ur realizes that there may be a higher being was when he looked into the well, as pebble dropped, making a ripple in his reflection. At that moment, he thought that his face had actually been changed, but not by his own will, but by another's will: one who he could not see, but only sense.

This made him realize that there was something out there, able to have control over him. "...ripples which distorted the image of his face...but as quickly as the ripples had passed, the water restored his to the proper place and he was once more Ur. He shivered to think that some unknown power could alter the essential he and smear it into a distorted form." (Pg 88)

The second experience that caused Ur to feel there was some higher being that controlled the uncontrollable was when there was a storm. Ur tired to fight the storm with his spears, but he realized that he could not kill it or scare it away. He realized that the storm was not something living, like an animal, which he could have control over. There was some higher being: higher than animals or people. It was something...