Bee Season by Myla Goldberg "Eliza Naumann develops mentally through-out the course of the novel" Discus this comment.

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Eliza Naumne the central character in the novel "Bee Season", by Myla Goldberg is an eight year old girl that goes though an extensive growing period though-out the course of the novel. The reader is given insight on her development through the narrative of third person omniscient. She starts the novel as an average child and becomes a champion speller, hence the title "bee season". Eliza starts the novel as 'nothing' and ends as 'something'. Eliza Naumann develops mentally through-out the course of the novel.

Eliza goes though an extensive growth period though out the novel, she starts the novel as an average child. Eliza is in the remedial class at McKinley elementary school, "which everyone knows all the unimpressive fifth graders are put."(1). Eliza thinks she is a mediocre child, yet generally children placed in those classes don't think about the fact they are mediocre. The reader is therefore positioned to view Eliza as an intelligent child.

Saul, Eliza's father visits Dr Morris the principal of McKinley elementary to exasperate the fact that Eliza is in the Remedial classes at school where as the Naumann family have always been place in the gifted classes. At this point Eliza develops from being an average student to a miss diagnosed genius. Eliza's self-esteem is very low being placed in the remedial classes for the past three years, which is why she is to afraid to give the letter of invitation to the District spelling bee, to her father. Instead she places the letter under her fathers study door. This act, not thought out properly, places Eliza under the child category. Eliza's first spelling bee exposes Eliza's intellect.

The attention Saul gives Eliza, whilst the reader finds out Eliza is gifted, develops Eliza's character. Saul pays extra special attention to Eliza which...