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I was invited to go to this Spanish dance thing when i met this nice girl which i chose to be my girlfriend in my mind. i went up to her to introduce my self the she introduce her self to me as well. her name was Chantel.

later that night after i got to no her before i left we exchange numbers and i told her that i was going to call her. when i got home i called her and i asked her if she liked my company at the dance and if she wanted to be my girlfriend she replied that she had to get to no me well then i replied that's why I want you to be my girlfriend because we could get to no each other better. since then We been dating for 1 month now . Able to have her as a girlfriend is the greatest thing of all.

Thinking back, on that night at the Spanish club I still cannot figure out, what gave me the courage to ask her to be my girlfriend on the phone.

maybe it was my determine mind, which constantly reminds me that i want her.

on that night when i first saw her On the first day of our relationship, everything was normal, it was too normal it made me think that we will never go beyond friends.

then i thought to my self would this relationship be like the last girlfriend i was dating she was called charlotte. charlotte was total a good friend i met her by one of my best mate since then we been very good mates since she's no longer my girlfriend. on that day i had to take chantel to this mall because i promised her. when we got there she started have a go at me and i asked her what up what wrong why you having a go at me i haven't done any thing to your have been nice to you and all that this is the first time since your having a go at me since i met your and she reply it to me saying that we would have to break up for a while, then i said what (why) then she said its because we don't spent much time together in such away that we only see each other in the week ends then i said you no i go to college on week days. she said she we need to cool it for a while give me some space.

then i said it alright that i call your latter i got home and i started thinking to my self that is it right to break up with her is it my fault and thing that's what i don't no she said its her loss and she was so rude that she wasn't right for me any way