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Alcohol Advertisements

The first advertisement I came across was one about beer. It shows a handsome man in his thirties holding out a mug full of beer. The statement below the bottom of the picture states "Helping ugly people have sex since 1862!"

This statement offended me when I read it. It is true that individuals lose their inhibition while they drink, but the fact that it conveys beer as the powerhouse for "ugly" people to have sex is wrong. This certain ad is targeting any age group thinking about sex. If a kid in high school saw this ad and thought of himself as "ugly", what are the odds that next time he goes out with a group of friends they are interested in drinking. And for what? This advertisement does not say anything about the effects beer has on the body, but it simply states that if you drink you will get laid, not matter what you look like.

Sex is a major topic for any age group, but even more for adolescents starting at the age of 15. For this advertisement to target this age group of adolescents was good advertising on their part but not for the adolescents. There are many images and messages that are portrayed in alcohol advertisements. I have to admit that beer commercials can be pretty amusing, but they do have demeaning messages sometimes. A lot of the beer ads portray women to be really into beer and men who drink beer.

I do not have a problem with beer advertisements. What bothers me is when the advertisements are targeted toward the wrong age group. Even though advertisers may think they are targeting them toward "of age" individuals, kids and adolescents still see these ads.