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Beer brewing and consumption has been around for and estimate of 5000 years. The special technique that was discovered was actually an accident involving barley being soaked in the rain, spontaneously fermented, flavoured with honey and dates, and it was drunk from jugs with straws. This accident was perfected to a point where there are more than 70 types of beer, and most people have their favorites. Beer is part of most societies, and it has become a major industry in the Americas, Europe, and Asia. In the 1990s in the United States, more than 200 million barrels of beer was produced, and an average of each adult consumed 121 liters of beer in their lifetime. Beer has a huge impact on society and we should consider this issue because statistics show that beer can lead to many types of death.

The brewing process of beer is somewhat complicated; however it is interesting to know how this popular beverage is made while you are drinking it.

In beer there is some kind of starch, this is mostly Barley however it varies between different companies. There has to be Hops which is a cone-like flower that provides the beverage with a bitter flavour and aroma. This also has preservative qualities. Yeast is included in the process, and water. The formula for this is:

The first stage is called Malting. In this stage the collected barley is soaked in water to moisten it, and then they start to sprout this is called germination. During the germination enzymes in the grain convert the starch into a type of sugar called maltose (C12H22O11). After several days of malting, the malt is heated, dried and then roasted to reach its final doneness. This is called kilning. It is possible to change the...