Beer Commercials: A Critical Perspective

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Beer Commercials: A Critical Perspective

Television advertising in America plays a major role in how society perceives the norm. Advertisers use commercials to present their product. An accumulation of these commercials might be said to provide a template of how people should act; and it is obvious that the most engaging commercials leave a more permanent mark on society than others. Some of the most favorable commercials are the commercials that market beer products, which can be due to many reasons. One reason might be that beer, being a controversial product to begin with, is easier and more enjoyable to market because they are able to get away with portraying more controversial subjects in their advertisements, and therefore creating a more lasting impression on their audience. Beer commercials, in that way, play an immense role in how people perceive the norm. The messages illustrated by some of the beer commercials are often disputed because of these widespread effects that are frequently reached.

Each beer company has their own different techniques in how they present their product. Most, however, provide a humorous plot with very attractive characters, in most cases women, and everyone in the scene drinking their product. Some of this differentiation is due to the differences in the demographics of each product. For example, one certain beer might be more admirable to one demographic over another. This paper will discuss some these different approaches and the rationalizations of them. This paper will also provide insight into the roles that these advertisements actually play on society as well as some of the controversies that surround this topic. They hold a greater responsibility than most people realize.

Most beer ads feature the same theme. These predominantly male oriented, testosterone filled beer ads feature crowds of attractive, hip, overly-excited beer drinkers guzzling...