Beer, It Does a Body Good.

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On the Grasslands of Africa, the packs of lions turn the grassy feeding ground of the zebra into their slaughterhouse floor. The lions hang back observing the herd. They eye out the old, lame, or very young to maximize their assurance of success. They stay low and out of sight of the zebra, being careful not to be spotted.... Although some zebra will die today, the lions are indirectly assuring that the "herd" of zebras will continue.

Darwin believed that by the killing of the weak of a species that the stronger, more vertile of the group would be left. Thus maximizing their ability to feed, multiply, and otherwise function to the maxim of their ability. By the weak zebras dying, they are streamlining the heard and increasing the herds amount of grazing land, not to mention the gene pool being saved from their inferior seed.

Just as some in society believe you can take this basic theory and apply it to social issues, a small group as people think we college students can do the same with our brains through the mass consumption of alcohol.

Exactly what is a mass amount? Binge drinking is defined as taking five or more alcoholic drinks in a row. (Wechsler ET al., 1997) A local "Brain Trust" that I asked while doing research for this subject had this to say about this definition of binge/mass consumption of alcohol. " Think this is pre-posterous, this Wechsler person is a real panty waist. How can someone be an expert on the binge drinking if they can't drink more than five beers?"

If more than five beers are not a sufficient amount used to define binge drinking? I headed back to Mr. Burton for an answer. As luck would have it Mr. Burton "the local...