Beerwah Field Study Report

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Contents1.0Introduction31.1 Purpose of Report32.0 Government Policy32. 1 Australian Government Policy on Biological Diversity and conservation32.2 QLD government statement on the establishment of National Parks (scientific)33.0 Scientific value of the Area43.1 Biodiversity43.2 RTS (rare and threatened species)43.3 Community variations in different parts of the area43.4 Interactions53.5 Adaptations (for water conservation, to fire, to nutrient poor soil)53.6 Ethno-biological knowledge of indigenous people63.7 Bio-prospecting/ biodiscovery64.0 Protection/ management issues64.1Human impacts64.2 Possible impact from forestry management practices in adjacent plantation forests64.3 National park management practices needed to protect biodiversity65.0 Threat from extension of pine plantations75.1 Economic potential of the area (620ha) if converted to pine plantation75.2 Contribution of Plantation industry to society76.0 Conclusion77.0 Bibliography71.0IntroductionEcology is the study of the relationship of plants and animals to their physical and biological environment (Encarta, 2009). Biodiversity is The variety of plant and animal life found in an ecosystem (see below) and the variation in their genetic makeup. Biodiversity is a measure of the health of an ecosystem, with healthy ecosystems having greater variety and variation in plant and animal life than unhealthy ones.

1.1 Purpose of ReportThe purpose of this report is to evaluate the proposed protection of Scientific Area 1as a National Park. To support this evaluation a Field Trip was undertaken to Beerwah Scientific Area 1 on the 25th of May and Primary Data was collected.

2.0 Government Policy2. 1 Australian Government Policy on Biological Diversity and conservationThis National Strategy for the Conservation of Australia’s Biological Diversity aims to link the break between the current activities and the effective identification, conservation and management of Australia’s biological diversity. The primary focus of Australia’s policy is Indigenous biological diversity (National Strategy for the Conservation of Australia's Biological Diversity , 2007). Implementation of these strategies will take affect nearly all of Australia’s land and sea.

2.2 QLD government statement...