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During this period he wrote the third through the eighth symphonies. He also wrote the last two piano concertos and a violin concerto. His most famous piece that he wrote in this period was the "Moonlight Sonata". His music today is very famous but in early in his own career it aroused alot of controversy.

Beethoven's third period was all about human brotherhood. The 9th symphony was written during this time and his last piano sonata and string quartets were also created. His third period works were not fully understood until later because they were so difficult to play. The music in this period contain alot of fuges or short musical themse imitated using strict musical rules.

One example of Beethoven's temper was that one time he got angry at a prince. He said "There are and there will be thousands of princes, but there is only ONE Beethoven." Beethoven went totally deaf in the last years of his life. This however did not stop him from continuing to compose. He wrote his 9th Symphony when he was totally deaf.

When the 9th symphony was first performed, a orchestra member had to turn Beethoven around so that he could see the great applause of the audience.

Beethoven's death is controversial. Some say that he died from dropsy and others claim that he died of liver failure. There are even those who say that died of pneumonia.

Beethoven remained temperamental until the end of his life. As he lay on his deathbed, he rose a fist in defiance and then died. Beethoven had once said when he died, "I will hear in heaven." Beethoven died in Vienna on March 20, 1827 and now his is buried in Wahring Cemetery.