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Times have drastically changed over the past fifty years. Remember Ozzie and Harriet? The Cleavers? Families representing an era when values were strong and the focus were towards the family unit. The woman did not work outside of the home. Instead, she raised the children and took care of the house while the man went to work to financially support the household. During these times life was much simpler and less complicated. There was not nearly as much stress on the family unit and marriages suffered less from the burdens of finance and social values.

Relationships took time to develop. It was necessary for an entire family introduction and approval for two young people with intentions of dating. Initially, constant supervision was the normal course of action when spending time together, including being chaperoned on all outings. There seemed to be more effort to build relationships and effort to make them work.

Couples spent time together getting to know one another and a fellow considering proposal would indeed ask a father's permission for his daughters hand in marriage and await his blessing.

Marriage vows were adhered to as though set in stone, "For better or worse; richer or poorer; until death do us part." Those words really meant something. With more tolerance of and forgiveness for each other and less consideration of divorce, the idea of marriage seemed to be a solid commitment. During those times of moral and social ethics it was rarely considered to live together or engage in pre-marital sex. Times have certainly changed as well as moral and social values and with that kind of change comes the need to know who an individual really is. This can be accomplished by living together prior to marriage.

Today people lead more hurried lives that involve...