Beggining of the Second Seminole War. Speaks of what a series of writers believe to be the reasons for going to war and first battles fought and the result of them. Includes personal opinion

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It seems that no matter how hard we try, we can never

get away from war. We can trace it all the way back to the

first explorers. After the first explorers came the settlers

who were greedy for land and power. Since they wanted both

violence erupted not only between the settlers but also

between the settlers and the Indians. One such war is the

Second Seminole War. I will tell you what other writers and

myself believe to be the reasons for going to war and first

battles fought and the result of them.

George C. Bittle wrote the article 'First Campaign of

the Second Seminole War'. Bittle writes that the war began

because of 'white efforts to secure Negroes held by the

Seminoles'. And that Major General Gaines thought that the

'conflict was an example of border warfare'. Also other

military men had their own opinions on how the war started.

Such as Colonel Sprague states that 'contemporary authority

on the Seminole War, believed that the cause rested in the

three United States Treaties, each of which was designed to

remove the red men from the advancing white frontier'.

(Bittle p. 39). He later goes on to write about believing

that the cause goes back even farther to the shooting of

Wiley Thompson, who was an Indian agent for the Seminole at

the time. And also the attack on General Dade and his force

which put the Florida Militia on the alert.

Edward Coker and Daniel Schafer did an article on

letters from a soldier to his wife. The letters come from a

man who saw the war from a supply depot in Florida. The man

writes home to his wife telling her of the trip and the

details of the country side rather than...