Beginning The Audit Report

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Beginning the Audit Report

Rosa Bernal


November 01, 2014

Thomas House

Beginning the Audit Report


Directors of Apollo Shoes.

I would like to thank you for vesting your company and trust in our firm to be your auditors. In this letter an explanation of the general terms and the process of our audit will be defined. This is only an educational purpose letter and is not an agreement.

The Audit Process

An audit is an examination and review of companies financial statements. The examination is performed with a view to portray an opinion of whether the companies financial statements prove a true and fair statues of the company. Auditing the activities of the company will be planned, executed properly and thoroughly reviewed to assure that all statements are in compliance with laws and regulations.

The following is the process as to which our firm will be conducting the audit:

We have a strict clientele screening process, once the screening process of the company is concluded and confirms that you're company is an acceptable client we will proceed with the next step in the process.

Once the screening process is passed we might need to contact the companies previous auditor and have agreed consent from them to proceed. If the previous auditor does not consent or if your company does not allow us authority to contact he previous audit our firm will not perform the audit in your company.

After all consents have been given there will be an audit engagement letter that will be issued to your company, which would represent the agreement between your company and our firm. The agreement would give the fundamental basic terms of the way the audit...