Beginning my life and Jack's Midlife (MidLife)

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Monday, March 10, 2003, I went to Richmond Canada to watch a play at Gateway Theatre. It's at 500 North, 5811 Cooney Rd. Richmond, BC. Where the main stage plays are diverse in their subject matter: Midlife by Eugene Stickland is a humorous look at the trials of Jack, a middle-aged executive struggling to fit into a rapidly changing world. As for the director, John Cooper, he did a great job choosing themes to telling us in Jack's Midlife.

The play is based three people acted play, Jack, Amber, and Delvechio. Jack are somewhere between 35 and 50, an event happens that makes him realize that time is limited. This event is when he met Amber, the young and sexy new gal. Suddenly, his perspective on his own lives shifts. His careers, relationships, finances, bodies or spirituality don't feel like what he just a few shorted months ago.

The themes that Cooper is trying to communicate with us are about waking up and losses in Jack's life. Sometime around age of 40, Jack "wake up" in a way and at a deeper level to the realization that time is limited. He wonders "is this is?" The director proved this scene is when Jack is sitting in the bench in the park saying to him, "I am glad to be with her." This show the emotion chances about the end of a relationship with his wife. He needed to wake up, live for himself, be with the one that he love, and not just going with the flow of life. The director choice to choose these themes and attempt to makes us understand the midlife changes of human nature according to Jack's life.

After wake up, then Jack just walks into the Gateway of loss. He had a loss...