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As I sit in front of the computer, with the television on, music blasting and a notepad scribbling ideas about how I should start my assignment on "beginnings", and that's when I realized that the word truly encompasses anything and everything in life whether it's waiting for the gun to go off in a race, waking up in the morning, the big bang, the face off in a hockey game or just writing an introduction for your English assignment. The beginning is usually the hardest part of anything, accompanied by symptoms such as butterflies in the stomach, apprehension and anxiousness. The feelings that we get from the beginning of anything is caused by uncertainty. This fear of the unknown exists because the beginning does not tell you what is right and what is wrong, and it doesn't guarantee success in achieving your goal or objective. Knowing that we have to start off on the right foot and that beginnings are like first impressions because you only get one, puts the pressure on us to get things right the first time and doesn't help in making the beginning any easier.

Ironically enough, everything that I stated about the general experiences of the beginnings is more or less what I went through to get started on this assignment, from waking up and finding the energy to begin my day, to finding the willpower and strength to begin my homework. Butterflies did not enter my stomach although I did feel a bit of apprehension since it was such a unique topic to express my opinions on. Uncertain of how I should begin this assignment and trying to make an introduction that could capture a reader's attention did not with easing the apprehension and anxiety. However, like in everything in life, getting started...