Behavior Across the Lifespan

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In our study for the commercials we will be using Erikson's Developmental Theory that includes eight stages of life beginning with a newborn to the elderly. In our first study of a newborn we will use Michelle Elizabeth Tanner from Full House. ( Michelle grew up with just a mother however she lived in a house full of relatives that loved and nurtured her. The stage during the first year to eighteen months of Michelle's life is completely dependent on others to satisfy her needs. If Michelle receives fulfillment and her needs are satisfied on a regular basis then she will develop trust.

If Michelle's needs are not satisfied on a regular basis then she will develop a mistrust and will find it hard to have close relationships with her family, friends and future relationships. How Michelle is treated early on in life will determine how she responds to relationships in the future and she will have a hard time trusting others.

The next stage of life is eighteen months to three years old. Michelle is becoming more independent and through the encouragement that she is receiving from her family she will develop a sense of autonomy. Michelle's family is encouraging her to try new things and they reassure her even when she fails. If Michelle's family did not offer reassurance and the family displayed disappointment towards her every time she failed then Michelle would be doubtful of her actions. Michelle could also develop a sense of being ashamed of herself and unwilling to try new things in the future.

(Wade & Tavris p 522. 2006).

The third stage of life is three years old to six years old this is when Michelle has a desire to explore and questions things. When Michelle's family encourages her to explore Michelle begins...