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On our team of six very diverse individuals, there are different behavior types. After completing the Disc Platinum Behavior Assessment, we have all come to certain conclusions on our behavior styles and or capacity to work together as a team. Because we are diverse in our lives and mannerisms, we are able to work together as a team. Our differences are what allow us to work so well together. In the following statements, we will all attempt to describe our interpretations of the reports that were generated by the assessments.

We were categorized as a cautious type with a subtype of assessor. The characteristics of the cautious type behavior suggest that we do not like to ruffle feathers and that we flee from conflict. It describes us as results oriented problem solvers. We are analytical and persistent and have a tendency to hold off on decisions until we feel like we have all the information.

We prefer to work independently and alone. We are well-organized person and our desks are well organized as well. We are very much into accuracy and we may seem aloof, precise and critical.

We become tense when under pressure. This is one of the things that Barb did not realize about herself, but when she read it, she said yes that is I. Another issue the report describes is that we are attached to personal interests. Barb believes this is true; she will fight to the death for her convictions. Another issue that Barb did not realize about herself is that she tends to associate her self worth with her work. Another issue that Barb thinks was right on target is the description that concepts, ideas and processes intrigue her. We have always had a natural curiosity about how things work. The report also describes...