Behavior Change

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Behavior Change

There will be a time in life when you want always have that precious little baby that you can dress up and hold in your arms. They grow up and change, whether you like it or not. Their behavior, attitudes, likes and dislikes shift throughout their childhood. But the biggest changes, which can also be the hardest for most families to deal with are the ones that occur when kids enter pre-adolescence and adolescence.

Sometimes the change from childhood to the pre-teen and teen years can appear to be quite drastic. Kids can suddenly lose interest in the things they used to play with, and it can take parents by surprise. It may seem like one day your child is playing with dolls or trucks, and the next, they want to wear nail polish and make-up and to have a cell phone. And we've all known kids who aren't really interested in clothes, but then all of a sudden, they start caring about how they look.

Sometimes these shifts in style or attitude happen for social reasons. Children reach a certain age where they want to be accepted by the other kids and they don't want to be left out or teased, or maybe they've hit puberty and have started caring about the opposite sex. This is when the appearance change. They begin to grow facial hair, voice becomes deeper, certain parts of their body begin to form and sex partners come into mind.

According to the scenario, Chloe's family is experiencing the big change. They are used to their little girl being involved with their activities but now that Chloe is 14, she sees those activities unattractive. Most teens that sit in their room majority of the time are either on their cell phone or laptop, listening...