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Todays youth are care free and ambitous. There's often three types of children. You have the shy kid who sits and plays alone, longing for some other kid to acknowledge them. Then there's the inquisitive child who loves to "stop and smell the roses". The one who goes about life asking questions. Last but not least you have the outgoing, popular child who's loved by all, and secretly envied too.

On a beautiful sunny summer day when the air is filled with the aroma of junipers and roses; the playground is filled with joy and laughter. The grass is a vibrant green riddled with flowers as colorful as a rainbow, as if Davince painted it himself. There are butterflies fluttering about with abstract patterns imprinted on their wings. Neon green inch worms hang from beautiful tall oak trees, and a family of red robins sworm the trees.

The particularly outgoing and popular child is both adored and secretly envied by other children.

This child is often the" life of the party" who goes about exploitingweaknesses, making them feel less than or inadiquate. This overly excepted child often doesn't know he or she are hurting anyones feelings. And often percieve their behavior as cool and acceptable.

Then you have the shy kid who spends their day at the playground alone under the monkey bars. I often refer to this specific child as a "loner". He or she usually acceptswhat they're given, and never questions. They linger on in life like the lion in the pack that sits and waits for the agressor to feed first, slowly moving in afterwards to eat. Usually this child grows up to either develope a complex or accomplish great things.

Finally we have the inquisitive, cunning child who stops and admires everything and all. They...