Behavioral Aspects of Project Management

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Behavioral aspects of project management can be identified through answering a few fundamental questions. This paper is going to explore how organizational culture and human behavior influences the success of projects by viewing some of these questions. The first portion of this paper will discuss how an organization's culture influence the selection, sponsorship, prioritization, and ultimate success of projects. Furthermore, it will touch upon the ways that organizational culture can create conditions that could lead to a situation such as the scenario that was given as part of this assignment. The second portion of this paper will discuss what role does project leadership play in the success of projects. The third portion of this paper will go over the methods of how a project manager would build and manage a successful project team. Lastly, there will be a list of strategies that could be used by a project manager to successfully manage the relationships among project team members and the relationships among the project team and external resources.

Organizational culture plays a big role in the selection, sponsorship, prioritization, and ultimate success of projects through various means. One of these means can be viewed from the standpoint of how the company as a whole feels about participating in a given project. If the key players within a company agree unanimously that they are not willing to undertake a project because it does not fit in what they believe in, the project will not be thought of twice for review. Since organizational culture brings in processes, people, methods and other characteristics together to form a unity that can be portrayed within an organization, decisions will be made towards a global consensus verses an individual one. A second view in terms of how organizational culture plays a big role can be looked...