Behavioral Centered Management

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Intro To Business Management. We were supposed to devise a 'perfect management system', at least based on the ones we had studied.

In any business enterprise the management style is a major factor in employee satisfaction, productivity, and the over all morale of the organization. While every manager has their own way of doing things, some are more successful than others. The most effective managers seem to be those that the embrace their people as people first and productive multipliers second. Charles O'Reilly, professor of Business at Stanford School of Business, writes that that people-centered management practices are associated with higher levels of profit, product quality, productivity, retention, and customer satisfaction (Chang, 2000). He and his colleague Jeffery Pfeffer advocate motivating ordinary people in moving the company forward in achievement rather than focusing on a few high salaried, high maintenance employees.

In this paper I will define what I feel is an ideal management system for me, evidenced by similarities to the structure where I am currently employed and to how I have managed small groups of employees in other organizations.

I will also contrast my people centered system, based mainly on Peter Drucker's Attributes of Excellence, to Total Quality Management and Bureaucratic management styles.

The company that I work for, Intralot USA, is a subsidiary of Intralot, the third largest company in the world in the integrated gaming technology and transaction processing solutions industry. They are responsible for the Nebraska Lottery technical support contract. The management of Intralot world-wide and the local management of Intralot USA have dedicated themselves to promoting a people-centric management style and a young, cutting edge image ( The average age of Intralot's1500 full time employees is 32, with 35% of those being women. Since the main offices of the company are in...