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Team PersonalitiesFor years now many tests have been developed to better understand a person’s personality in order to understand the way we interact, think, and live our everyday lives. Since the early 1930’s, the Myers-Briggs testing has helped people be placed in jobs that interest them, and work out for the type of person and personality that they may have. Today, students in high school even use these tests to seek out a career, or look for an area that they would be successful in. Many that take these tests learn many things about themselves and what type of personality they have. Whether we are able to work with different personalities and how we can understand each other and make our personality work together rather than crash or butt heads. Tests like MBTI help people even get a better understanding of events or feelings that they never knew they had, and even make sense of why they do certain things; although these tests at times are not accurate they are still useful in many ways (Mccauley ,nd)The purpose of this paper is to explore the similarites and differences of the personalities with our team environment.

Given the team similarites and differences, this paper will propose solutions for working togther as a team. In addition, this paper will provide a synopsis of the Myers-Briggs personality assessment tool.

Team Personality Similarities and DifferencesAs a team we have all taken the test and have made a discovery that most of our personalities are different. However, two of our team members came out the same. Although we have our own traits the test has four levels that help us understand ourselves as well as the other members of our team. A vocabulary explains the different traits that we used for our research and the...