Behavioral Style

Essay by Chands March 2006

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Behavior is something everyone exhibits and how we get along with people is largely influenced by our behavior. Our temperaments, our reactions, how we see each other and how we see ourselves all play a role in developing our personal behavior style. While behaviors can be both internal and external, it is easier by focusing on external behaviors; behaviors that others can see and to which people can adapt. When putting together teams, taking into consideration behavior can help develop an optimal group. However, people do not always have the luxury of picking team members. The best participants can do is to learn how to adapt to other's behaviors and how to incorporate their own. According to Claudia Allison, the Process Development Engineer at Gel-Pak, "personality types should be seen as a pair of glasses with the glasses acting as our filters. The glasses allow us to see the behavior of others and we should learn to communicate in the best way possible for that behavioral type to understand".

In other words, team members need to adapt to others, in order to communicate effectively.

There are basic personality types, dominant, interactive, steady and cautious. Each of these groups has his or her own tendencies. Within our group we have 3 cautious and 1 dominant member. The team is composed of members at opposite ends of the spectrum. The cautious style works more slowly and more systematically, while dominant styles work at a more rapid pace and are more decisive. This may or may not be a problem within a team. Depending on how the workflow is broken up, team members may be able to take advantage of some tasks being accomplished more quickly while others need to be thought out and systematically put together. If the team needs...