"Behaviorist see development as an incremental sequence of specific conditioned behaviors."

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"Behaviorist see development as an incremental sequence of specific conditioned behaviors."

Why would this statement be important to parents, kindergarten teachers, or other adults who are responsible for children during their formative years? It is very important for adults who are responsible for children in there formative years to know this. Children are influenced by everything they see. Adults should also be aware of the years in which they have the skills able to identify and do what they see. Children do not all develop at the same rate; making it harder to identify this stage of life. Children are more influenced by people that they respect a lot, like parents; than they are by people they just know, like the babysitter. In the real world of today, where children routinely spend over eight hours per day in child care facilities across America, the child care industry is ever more important on teaching our children values.

"The behavioral theorists felt as though the teacher's job was to establish situations which would reinforce desired behavior from their students. The behaviorist would expect the teacher to predetermine all the skills they felt were necessary for the students to learn and then present them to the group in a sequenced manner." (University of Dayton) Any adult who is to spend time with a person during the formative years should understand the implications of actions taken while in that care. Children will easily learn to replicate items seen and continue to reproduce this type of behavior, for instance; foul language is easily learned. An example of this type of behavior replication took place in 1916 by the psychologist John Watson. "In 1916, he began observing infant humans; until then he had drawn comparisons between animals and humans, but hadn't experimented with them. World War...