Behaviors and communicating with Autism.

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Paper on My Birth StoryThe story of my birth started eighteen years ago. It was a normal birthmostly like others. I was the first child in both me parents lives. My parentsactually got married in February and I was born in November. With thisinformation I consider myself to be special because I started to develop at thenight of my parents wedding. During the time been a fetus I was very disturbingespecially in the night I would kick, turn everything a fetus would do but moreoften. I passed all my testes and my check-ups. After nine months I was due.

My mother had severe pain non stop and had to recieve pain killers every fivehours.At 1:35 on November 20,1988 I was born weighting 8 pounds 3 ounces.

At that time my parents had to adjust there living. They had to provide asafer environment for me and had to limit there spending costs.

It was very hardfor both of them because it was only nine months been together in a arrangedmarriage. My father was just a truck driver at the time and it was very hard forhim because he had to find a job everyday to see who need to get thingstransported. My mother was not allowed to work according to traditions in mycountry. With struggle they managed to maintain a family through hard andgood times.

After I was born my parents tried one year to have a boy child butdidn't succeed twice. With one more try they managed to have a boy fouryears later in which he turned out to be Austic. Since that day all of our liveswere affected because we all have to be there for him twenty four hours a day.

We managed with him in our home country for ten years but he was going outof...