Behind the curtain

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Chelsea Lea

Mrs. Schoendaller

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September 10, 2014

Behind the Curtain

My heart is hammering against my chest so hard it feels as if it is trying to escape. I'm certain that if anyone was to get really close and listen, they would be able to hear it pounding. Wiping my hands on the front of my shirt, I try to calm my nerves and take deep breaths. I'm petrified. The hurricane of butterflies that are swarming in my stomach quicken even more as the lights dim down. The once deafening sound of chatter quiets and is overcome by the screech of ropes and pulleys, and fabric as it is being swept to the side. Its pitch black but I can still make out the exit signs all around the room. I take one more deep breath and close my eyes. It's time. The lights come on and I can feel the warmth from them on my skin as I open my eyes and the world disappears.

All that's left to do is dance.

I love this feeling. The feeling I get right before I preform, it's exhilarating and paralyzing at the same time. I want to squeal with excitement and yet run away, far away, in the opposite direction. I have performed a number of times in my life and if anything is consistent, it is that feeling. It was this moment and that feeling that came to mind when I was faced with the question- Who am I? Well, I am the person behind the curtain, waiting to dance. I am the eldest child of four. I am an obsessive reader. I am a creative writer, a best friend, a teacher, a loving sister, and a leader. No matter who I have been or who I will...