Behind The Scene: 9/11

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On September 11, 2001, one of the most devastating attacks on our nation took place. Out of a cruel form of terrorism, thousands died while even more were injured, not to mention the families of those involved.

While we tend to focus on the people who died and the brave emergency responders who were a major help that day, we leave out quite a few important people and organizations from different countries that may have prevented other plane crashes throughout the US. For example, Canada: Operation Yellow Ribbon allowed commercial flights entering the US to land at Canadian airports and remain there until the situation was more stable. Several countries pledged to help us in case of further attack. I'm sure it was a relief to authorities to have a slight sense of ease knowing help was available when needed.

The same way us Americans were shocked and horrified when we heard about the twin towers disinigrating into the ground, so were many others around the world.

Following the attacks, French president Jacques Chirac released a statement: "It is with great emotion that France has learned of these monstrous attacks-there is no other word-that have recently hit the United States of America. And in these appalling circumstances, the whole French people-I want to say here-is beside the American people. France expresses its friendship and solidarity in this tragedy. Of course, I assure President George Bush of my total support. France, you know, has always condemned and unreservedly condemns terrorism, and considers that we must fight against terrorism by all means." In Germany, Chancellor Gerhard Schroder described the attacks as "a declaration of war against the civilized world." Authorities urged Frankfurt, the country's financial capital, to close all its major skyscrapers. The new Jewish museum in Berlin canceled its public...