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Journey in our eyes is considered to be a step taken towards a finish line. Journey can be related to everyday life and can be spread through physical to imaginative as well as inner. Physical journey is determined to acknowledge physical movement of reaching an aim.

Behind Enemy Lines, is a movie very abundantly recognised to be settled under the apprehension of physical journey. The movie uses film techniques, special effects to complete a suggestive physical journey. The plot of this movie revolves around a considerable journey that provokes the audience to pursue on with the main character which in this case is Chris Burnett to get back to his home safe and sound.

The journey of this movie commences at the beginning when the main character of the movie is sent to tape over the Serbian troops and their wrong doings. This goes terribly unsubstantial and from that point onwards, the reflection of the sun is in anyone's hands.

To stay alive, intelligence is a great deal for survival.

This movie exhibits physical journey in many ways. Its association with the camera angles of close ups and extreme close ups, focus as well as under shot and long shots reflect on the movies movement. These camera angles and shots are used wisely. For instance when a commander is talking about an attack, the extreme close up is direct on the mouth as he slowly repeats his words. This demonstrates that expeditiously a journey will be undertaken as the words he said contemplated "war". The aural elements surely reflect the understatement of the concept of physical journey. It expands through different useage of tones and determination. Visual elements explain most of the journey. In a distinguishing scene where grenades were set for the...