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Ang Li

Professor Nora Kabaji

Freshman Composition

Observation Essay

28 October 2014

Topic of this essay: Write an observation essay about the people and activity going on at a public place that you have visited or a public event that you have attended. Be there.

One-day art journey in 798 Beijing

798 Art District is assemble of Chinese domestic exhibitions, which is converted from a number of abandoned factories. As it is a must-see site in my hometown, and plenty of my friends had recommended it to me, I decided to visit 798 the last time I was there.

When I first arrived, I immediately saw an iron pipe sculpture turned into the shape of 798. For the people coming here were most artists, so the parking lot was filled with decorated cars and bikes. Because of the definition of 798 is an art Soho, everyone came here were expected to have a journey of fashion experience.

The atmosphere here was extremely modern and progressive. It was also a perfect place for young people who love art to gather together.

The 798 is a round shape park, and I was starting at the historical tea set museum at the east entrance. The historical tea set museum was surprisingly belonged to a young artist from Xi'an. Before I went into the museum I thought it would be boring, because there are nothing about the old Chinese traditional tea culture could be interesting to the youth. On the contrary, the artist transformed the history stories into paintings carried on the surface of teapots, which was totally a brand new way to reappear the "boring" history pieces. I was filled with admiration by the innovative presenting technique of the brilliant young artist that he combined the "old" with the "new" flawlessly. Keeping...