Being From Where?

Essay by PAESPAC April 2003

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"Being from where?"

Where do we come from? It is a question many people cannot answer. Some people are born in one country and live in another, have different cultures and backgrounds. Therefore, cultural differences can be hard to incorporate in the development of our lives. I will show through the use of the "The Good Daughter," by Caroline Hwang, the special pressures and demands on the children of immigrants. The parent child-relationship influences in the development of the kid in terms of identity, education and adaptation to society.

First of all, one important aspect of the experiences of these children is to define their identities. For instance, when kids come from other cultures and they are raised in America, it is very easy for them to become Americanized. Caroline Hwang, an American-born Korean, describes how she loses her identity. During all her life Caroline though that she belonged to an American and Korean culture, but she would not image that a visit to the dry cleaner was going to make her realize that she was not as Korean as she though.

The women behind the counter of the dry cleaner tells her: "You do not how to speak your name." (15). This incident was an impaction for her, because all her life she had mispronounced her name. As a consequence of that, she felt frustrated and she discovered that she came from two different worlds and her sense of identity was disintegrated. As a matter of fact, the relationship between Caroline and her parents played and important roll in the development of her identity. In other words, Caroline always though she was somebody she was not. Her parents wanted an American daughter , for this reason they did not intent to correct her, therefore, she became unsatisfied with...