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Free, independent, influential, and powerful, the many things that describes what we are, Americans. Throughout the centuries, we have evolved in this great country as powerful individuals and also a strong nation. We also see these characteristics through individuals from the past and present. These individuals made this country what it is today. By their beliefs and pride in what they do, they are able to make this country even better than we can ever hope for.

Martin Luther King Jr. was one of the many people that changed this country. He was a very influential man in his time. Even today, his legacy and beliefs to have equality spread through the millions of colored people in this country. He was a proud man. He was proud of his heritage, his color, his beliefs, and his dream of one day having the freedom to walk through the streets without being harassed, emotionally and physically.

A proud man he was. To be able to live in a non-racist country, he was involved in many civil rights movement. He has persuaded many Americans to see what is going on in the country. He persuaded Americans to see the violence and unlawful treatment they, African-Americans, were experiencing. Martin Luther King Jr. remained strong, and eventually persuaded and influenced many people, blacks and whites, that this process of rebuilding a better country was going to take time. Today, we are proud to have had someone like Mr. King to open our eyes and solve the problem that has been haunting this country since the early years of this country.

George W. Bush, the President of the United States of America. This man has gone through a lot in his first term as president. Since the 9-11 tragedy, he gave hope to America. His...