Being Australian

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Being Australian

'Being Australian' is hard to discuss because I truly don't think that there is a correct definition to it. To some people it may be because they were born here and to others because they're citizens. Some may think it's because we follow the same sport very closely and others may say it's because this is the country that gave them hope for a better life. Everyone has their own opinion on what 'Being Australian' is all about and this is mine.

I personally am proud to be an Australian even though I wasn't born here and come from a different background. I came from a country full of war and hate between people. The main reason behind that was religion. I love Australia so much because I think it's great that so many different people from different cultures and backgrounds can get along and forget their differences because we're all equal and are entitled to a fair go.

You can say that you're Asian, Greek, Bosnian etc but I think that deep down you know and are proud to say 'I'm Australian' because we live in a great country. If not, the best country in the world. When I go over seas and visit family, offcourse I say that I'm Bosnian but I know that I'm actually Australian because this is my home and the place I've learnt to love, not just because I've grown up here. It's a fair country full of equal opportunity. All you have to do is grab it. You have the chance to be what ever you want. Which is impossible in some countries unless you have lots of money. I think that we, living here take it for granted and don't really know the value of this great...