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Being a creative is a business. How do you sell yourself to the modern world? Present your findings, plans and discuss. Use the lecture series

The word creative refers to refers to the invention or origination of any new thing, this could be someone talented in script writing or digital painting for example. In the UK 1.5 million people are employed in the creative industry or creative roles in other industries. Many graduates are resulting in creating their own businesses an article from the guardian advice to "make a job rather than taking a job" as this can be an advantage in the time of recession. work. As a creative I understand the complexity and struggle that one has to go through to sale your service or product or to gain investments . In this essay I will look into how the advancement of technology and other tools is now making it easier for creative's to promote and showcase themselves to the world.

I will also looks into the negatives of a creative using social networks as a medium to promote themselves , one example is mixing pleasure with work an employer may see a tweet that you tweeted to a friend, they may see this as being very unprofessional, this could be a loss in a potential contact or an investment.

An article from the USA magazine Forbes wrote a n article titled "hr by twitter" says that using twitter is a good tool to find workers as it is quick and efficient but the downside, is that it is still not a substitute for face to face communication. According to the magazine its say utilizing social networks could reduce workplace diversity. Although social networks may have its downsides for the creative's this differs. for example you can easily...