Being Mummified (written in first person)

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My Egyptian Mummification and Burial

A few weeks ago, I was a great Egyptian pharaoh, but today I will enter afterlife. I have already been through the processes of embalming and mummification.

First, I was thoroughly cleaned. Then I was taken to the wabet to be embalmed. My liver, lungs, stomach, and intestines were removed and placed in canopic jars. My brain was taken out with a hook through my nose. I was soaked in natron salt for fourteen days and had my eyes replaced by onions.

It took fifteen days for them to mummify me. I was wrapped in twenty layers of linen and bandages. Resin glue was used to hold the bandages together, and once I was completely wrapped, I was wrapped in two large shrouds secured with linen strips. Amulets, small charms providing magical protection, were tucked into the bandages. A portrait mask, which looked almost exactly like me was placed over my head.

When I was brought to my tomb, about seventy days after I died, I saw that it had been stocked with everything I would need for my afterlife. The tomb was lined with food, clothing, furniture, weapons, tools, and shabits. Hieroglyphics and pictures of the gods were all over the walls.

At my funeral, professional mourners were hired to wail loudly and throw ashes on themselves. Priests burned incense and performed the opening of the mouth ceremony. The priest touched my lips with symbolic tools to restore my senses and allow my soul to return to my body.

Now, I am entering the underworld where Anubis, the jackal- headed god of embalming will weigh my heart against the feather of truth. The result will be recorded by Thoth, the ibis- headed god of wisdom and writing. Ammut, the demon of the underworld,