Is being successful equate to being the best? - When a product sells well, does it mean it is always good?

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The most Successful isn't always the Best.

When you go out to buy something... I don't know a stereo maybe, what do you look for? What is involved in your decision making process?

Well, more likely than not, you would probably consider the brand name... right? Let's just say for example, you want to purchase a Hi-fi. You see an ad in the papers for sound systems and decide to head off to your local electrical store. You look around and find two Hi-fi's, one for � the other for �0. They both have exactly the same features and they both look aesthetically pleasing. In fact, other than the price tag, the only difference is the brand name. One is made by "Sony" and the other by a company that you haven't noticed in the past; let's just call them "Unoone".

So which one do you go for?

In most cases it will probably be the Sony system.

I mean, it only costs � more than the unknown brand right. Besides, you've never seen the other one before or even heard of the company.

Well that's the mentality we have. For all we know the "Unoone" system may actually be better than Sony's. The reason we would go for the Sony system includes those mentioned above. Another important factor is that Sony is publicised - they spend a lot of money on promotion.

It terms of computer hardware and software it's more or less the same. There are tons of programs out there which are probably better than all those Microsoft products, but the thing is we don't hear about them. We just follow the trend and go for whatever is publicised more. In fact most of Microsoft's products are clones of previous or even other present...